• 12 July
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    “Simple But Not Easy” and other meaningless sayings….

    “Simple but not Easy” is a term I’ve not only been hearing a lot lately but been using myself. It refers to things like:

    “Change your thoughts, change your life” – simple but not easy
    “Like attracts Like” – simple but not easy
    “Eat right, workout, lose weight” – simple but not easy
    “Little problem with the bottle? Stop drinking” – simple but not easy
    “How to be a millionaire and not pay taxes? First… get a million dollars” – Steve Martin

    Today was another example. I had signed up for Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. The Chopra Center did a great job gearing me up and providing ample warning to let me know when it was starting.

    However, yesterday was Day 1. I got the introductory email but no “Day 1” meditation email. Hmmmm.. After checking my spam folder with no luck, I figured it would come in the evening.

    This morning “Day 2” was waiting in my inbox. What?! So I went searching for Day 1 and sure enough I found it in my “deleted” folder after unlocking my laptop that had gotten all out of whack due to streaming the radio show last night – more time wasted.

    How it got there I don’t know. All I know is it’s now Day 2 and I’m already behind and thinking about “well I can either do them back to back or one mid- morning and one tonight.” I don’t believe being more stressed was the desired outcome of the challenge. Plus I haven’t even gotten into the abstract concept of quieting the mind…

    Crap! This is simple and has somehow become not so easy, so how am I ever going to get to Complicated and Difficult?! So as I transition into this next phase of my life, going forward I’m going to start changing that term to “the concept is simple but it takes dedication, practice, patience and thought”. I know from experience, that once these aspects are in place for a good chunk of time (21 days), then whatever I’m after will become simple AND easy.

    Okay, back to Day 1 which I will listen to reclined. Now that is simple and easy! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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