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    • 20 March
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    Free Ebooks And Audiobooks Are A Click Away

    Did you know that you can access free ematerial via library apps?  Free ebooks and audiobooks are literally a click away!

    Since we’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors, I decided to share some of the resources I use online that you might not know about.  In this post, I’ll show you how to catch up on that reading you’ve been putting off without leaving home or spending a fortune. 

    Last year I learned about a couple of great apps while facilitating workshops at our local library.  These apps make accessing ebooks (in a number of formats) and audiobooks easy.  No need to go to the library. 

    You just download the app, connect your library card and you’re ready to go. 

    No library card, no problem. Google your local library, go to the website and apply for a card online. You can pick it up when we go out again. The website will also grant temporary access to eformatted material by filling out an online form. 

    Below are the apps and how to access them. 

    Libby from Overdrive (Apple/Google Play/ Microsoft)

    • I love using Libby!
    • Download this free app to your phone and/or laptop.
    • Once downloaded, connect your library card and you’re ready to start browsing the content.
    • I have downloaded books right to my Kindle, or read them off my phone or laptop.
    • The audiobooks play right from the app.

    Hoopla (Desktop/Apps/AppleTV)

    • I was all in with Libby when I learned about Hoopla. I couldn’t figure out why I would need both, now I know.
    • Libby works like a regular library with holds and waitlists.
    • Hoopla has less content but offers unlimited access. No holds or waitlists!
    • I’ve found that if the library or Libby doesn’t have what I’m looking for, many times Hoopla does!
    • This app is also free. Download it, connect your library card and you’re ready to browse. 

    I hope you find these tips helpful. During this unprecedented time, I’ll be sharing more content to help you get grounded and not tempted to go. 

    I’d also love to hear any suggestions you may have. 

    In the meantime, let’s practice staying safe and calm.  Eva

    Eva Lewandowski MBA, is public speaking coach, that specializes in helping clients overcome stage fright. She is a certified Life Coach, certified EFT Practitioner, seminar leader, speaker and co-host of a weekly internet radio show “Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva”. She is also a 30 year veteran of Corporate America as an IT consultant. Using the skills she learned in acting classes, life coaching and EFT certification training as well as her own struggle with debilitating stage fright, she created, Stand Up and Be Heard! Public Speaking for Private Professionals, an online, interactive course that teaches professionals how to overcome their fear of the spotlight. She is also the author of “Put on Your Phone Face: Tips and Techniques for teleconferences and conference calls”.

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