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About Charlie Lobosco

Charlie Lobosco is a Software Delivery expeditor, Shared Leadership Expert, Agile Transformation Coach, Speaker and Seminar Leader with lessons learned from working in the trenches in over 25 Fortune ranked corporations.

Charlie maintains several Agile Certifications and specializes in lean delivery, doing more with less and implementing what’s needed most, next! His Shared Leadership model creates a collaborative environment that values the voice and actions of each teammate regardless of their job description.

Charlie loves to talk!  He’s active on the public speaking circuit, sharing his Agile and Shared Leadership Subject matter expertise in a way only he can.  His authenticity resonates with audiences at all levels.

Some of his more inspiring quotes:

  • “When C.A.R.E. is the motive, teamwork and leadership become one and the same!”
  • “Experience in the face of adversity is more valuable than learning from a University!”
  • “Whatever you do, don’t leave greatness in your head!”

Charlie is a morale builder!  He will ensure any insecurities, personal agendas and workplace ambivalence become patterns of the past.  In their place will be empowerment, relevance and behavioral leadership.

Charlie works on a short leash while on a mission to deliver immediate, scalable and efficient results that will hold up over time and be delivered NOT at the expense of others.

Charlie is a published author and certified seminar leader.  His book and signature 2 day seminar;   “C.A.R.E. – Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone; building a better workplace starts with you!” was nominated for and received the Presidents award for service for it’s groundbreaking Shared Leadership model.

Charlie is co host (with VisionOp Co-Founder Eva Lewandowski) of the popular internet radio program; Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva.

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What Clients are Saying!

  • Charlie;

    We have reviewed and critiqued your C.A.R.E. certification in the workplace seminar and it definitely meets with the standards and qualifications of an outstanding seminar.  This seminar has been approved for content, presentation and market need.  ASLA maintains the highest standards of quality in the seminar industry and your seminar is a welcomed addition.  We look forward to your success with great anticipation.  C.A.R.E. certification in the workplace is now an ASLA approved seminar.


    June Davidson President; American Seminar Leaders Association

  • Dear Charlie, Thank you so much for providing us these tools again. I had an incredible time learning from you and Eva. I felt being greatly motivated, guided, uplifted and inspired enough to present myself as one of the best candidates in my next job. I would remember your training always. This was so incredible that I feel its even better than my Harvard school experiences. I am happy that I took your classes (M.S)

  • Eva for Stand Up and Be Heard “It’s such a relief to NOT be poked, prodded, pushed and judged, but instead be affirmed, encouraged and supported.” ~LL

  • Eva for Stand Up and Be Heard “This has been such a great class….what I’ve learned has been so valuable!! ~SS

  • Eva and EFT “I was very touched today by your kindness, your sincerity, and your caring manner. Thanks so much for everything. I literally feel lighter….like a heavy burden has been lifted.” J

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eva Lewandowski, for sharing your wisdom, time and business savvy to help me to learn and grow. I highly recommend Eva, to help you maximize and exceed your expectations for business success. Whoot whoot!” ~ SW

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