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    Leadership 2.0; the future of leadership

    Politics aside….

    I know that’s hard to do but politics aide; let’s talk leadership.

    Bullies bully, followers follow and leaders?

    Well, leaders lead (themselves) by example thru their behavior.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired by real examples of Leadership.  Last week on the senate floor Leadership 2.0 was on display.

    Leadership 2.0 is Shared Leadership. 

    Susan Collins, Republican senator from Maine, Lisa Murkowski, Republican Senator from Alaska and John McCain republican (…well we know who he is) showed true Shared Leadership by holding firm, voting “NO” on the skinny health care repeal plan and going against the bully majority, regardless of the price!

    First Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski; what can we say?  What a show of courage, intelligence, strength and leadership!  I have 2 daughters, 3 granddaughters and of course Eva in my life.  I’m so grateful all of us could be around for this.  The examples of leadership both of you displayed on behalf of the American people will be talked about for years!  That’s how big this is!

    This entitled all white man health care bill included some planned parenthood and Medicare defunding that was coming in under the radar.  Not on their watch!

    These 2 great senators had our backs on the senate floor that night.  They’re C.A.R.E. certified for sure!  C.A.R.E. is my award winning shared leadership acronym that means Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone!  Thank you, Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski, I am overwhelmed by your greatness and thank you for your service.

    OK John McCain; I want to personally thank you for the leadership you showed us all on the Senate floor last week.  First with your “yes” vote  to hear the debate then your “no” in the final vote to repeal the ACA with this skinny version of the health care repeal act.

    When I look at what you did, I realize the courage, strength and skill you carry inside you without fanfare!  Unbelievable.

    I can never accept some (one in particular) of your decisions and choices for guiding this great country in the past.  However, you somehow managed to right every wrong while sealing a legacy of great courage, strength and leadership!

    You could’ve stayed home and nurtured yourself as best you could and the exact same results would’ve been delivered.  You didn’t have to do this!

    You came, took the floor, acted Presidential and told us about equal branches of government and not to be intimated by bullies. You got out of bed, pulled yourself together and came to the senate floor to say that!

    You said your job (in the Senate) is more than passing a bill , just because you can.  You said we (in the Senate) owe the American people more than that!

    First you said you would vote to approve the agreement to debate the issue but you better hear what you need to hear during the debate or you will vote no!

    That in and of itself in an unbelievable act of leadership; you gave your GOP family the opportunity to play another day just by showing up!

    You were rightfully so disappointed with the outcome you simply gave the thumbs down sign!

    That night on the Senate floor, you put politics aside and put the American people first!  In doing that, your vote preserved Obama’s health care for all legacy; at least for the time being.

    This wasn’t about politics.  This was about something bigger; leading as an equal!  Just like Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski and all the Americans that had the courage to stand up and make their voices heard.  That’s Shared Leadership!

    Thank you, Senator McCain, I am overwhelmed by your greatness and thank you for your service!

    And finally; to the people that protested this bully leadership, thank you for your service too! 

    Leadership 2.0 is Shared Leadership. 

    In this example, it started with the people; some able, some disabled but all making their voices heard.  Those voices were so strong that even though only 3 Senators took their position,  it was enough to change the course of political direction! 

    Occasionally, the Universe aligns in a way that allows ordinary to become extra-ordinary, average to become great and teammates to become leaders. This was one of those times.

    • Charlie



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