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    • 17 February
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    How To Process Your Feelings

    “Anger, without exit, is poison.”

    ~ Mary D.

    Unfortunately it’s been another crazy week with no end in sight.

    If you’re feeling depressed, overwhelmed, consumed with rage, or all of the above, you may need a way to process and articulate those feelings.

    I’d like to suggest a simple technique that can help you get to the core of your feelings. I use it when I want to gain clarity so I can figure out what my next steps are.

    I call the process Write, Tap, Intend, Shred (sorry no fancy acronym)! It pulls techniques from a number of great teachers, including Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, Women Writing for a Change’s Fast Writes, EFT and Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention.

    You can complete this process in less than 15 minutes.


    The Write, Tap, Intend, Shred Process


    What You’ll Need To Get Ready

    A pen – it’s best to write instead of type
    A few sheets of paper (that you can shred)
    A timer, like the one on your phone
    A quiet place where you won’t be interrupted


    The Process


    1) 5 Minute Fast Write

    You’ll start the process with a 5 minute, stream of consciousness, fast write. Grab some paper, a pen and a timer. Set your timer to 5 minutes and start writing.

    If you’re having trouble getting started, you can use the prompt “what am I feeling right now”?

    Stream of consciousness means that whatever is in your head goes on the page without any censoring. That’s the purpose of a fast write. To write quickly so you can out run your inner critic. You want to get all the junk that’s in your head out on the page. ALL OF IT! The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

    For example, “I can’t take what I’m seeing in the news. I’m so angry and sad. I can’t focus on my work” etc. DON’T CENSOR, JUST WRITE!

    2) Tap

    Once the 5 minutes is up, look over your page. Highlight what’s bothering you the most and use that as your target to tap on.

    Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’re tapping correctly. Just tap on what’s bothering you being as specific as possible. Try tapping for 3-5 minutes. If you get triggered, keep tapping until the feeling subsides.

    If you’re new to EFT or need a refresher, you can u​​​​​​se the EFT quick start guide to get you going. You can find it HERE.

    3) Intend

    Once you’re done tapping, set an intention for the day and write it in your journal. It can be as simple as “I want an easy, relaxed day” or “I want this issue to be resolved for the good of all involved” or “today I’m going to make an effort to speak up.”

    I find the simpler an intention is, the more powerful it is.

    4) Shred

    Then shred the page that you wrote your thoughts on. You don’t want to go back to it. I recommend shredding so that you really free yourself to write whatever is on your mind. Shredding removes the worry that someone will read what you’ve written.


    Once you get clear on how you’re feeling, you can take action. Any action, no matter how small, is significant and when it comes from a grounded, centered place, it’s powerful.

    I hope you find this technique helpful. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

    Peace… Eva xoxo

    Eva Lewandowski MBA, is a certified Life Coach, certified EFT Practitioner, seminar leader, speaker and co-host of a weekly internet radio show “Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva”. She is also a 30 year veteran of Corporate America as an IT consultant. Using the skills she learned in acting classes, life coaching and EFT certification training as well as her struggle with debilitating stage fright, she created, Stand Up and Be Heard!, a program that teaches professionals how to overcome their fear of the spotlight. She is also the author of “Put on Your Phone Face: Tips and Techniques for teleconferences and conference calls”.

    To learn more about Eva and her services click here.


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