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    • 17 November
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    Emotional Capitulation

    Is it time for an Emotional Capitulation?

    Capitulation as defined is the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.

    Opponents and/or demands come in many flavors; friends, lovers, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, priests, pastors, rabbi’s, elders, authors, speakers and trainers (like myself) and anyone else I simply forgot to list.  Oh wait (I almost forgot) politicians and politician wannabe’s!

    There’s a rat’s nest of (potentially influence-able) rhetoric coming at me nonstop in many forms; aggressive, bullied, passive aggressive, covert, embarrassing, hypocritical and I’m sure other ways I simply forgot to list.  Oh wait (I almost forgot) head patting and entitled!

    Speaking for myself; there has never been a better time for emotional capitulation!

    Life is hard enough!

    Navigating through all that and coming out unscathed is hard enough!

    There’s no time available to waste on resisting others; what they believe, the way they act, the way they look or the way they choose to live their lives!

    When my head hits the pillow and I start replaying the day in my head, every button within my persona gets pushed.  It’s to the point I agonize; till the agony’s the heaviest load!  (thanks Emily).

    I’m spending too much time resisting others; at least on the inside. Only to feed their ego’s the outside!  WTF is that?  I’m guilty of the worst possible personality attribute; promoting what I 100% stand against!

    As a result, nobody really knows (or cares) who I am!

    I know who I am and one thing I know for sure is my head is not there for you to pat!

    However, if I really do believe in civil rights for everyone, then I must stop resisting others that don’t believe exactly what I believe; that’s their civil right!

    I don’t have to listen to them or partake in their shenanigans, but there’s no need to spend any time resisting their rhetoric.

    Resisting doesn’t change what others believe.  If anything it empowers the other side even more!

    Fighting fire with fire doesn’t put out the fire!

    Meanwhile I’ve got things to do, differences to make, examples to be and HOPE! for the future!

    That’s where my time and energy should be going.  I can’t afford to waste any of it on resisting any (potentially influence-able) rhetoric coming from anyone with (zero) interest in anything I think, do, say and stand for.

    So, I’m emotionally moving on!

    I’m emotionally capitulating; but only after this next sentence!

    “I’ve had enough of hearing things from fat headed, thin skinned condescending hypocrites!”


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