• 30 August
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    Donald J. Trump couldn’t play for the Yankees!

    Donald Trump had told us previously that he was an exceptional 1st basemen with major league skills.

    Even if that was true (right!) and he pursued a professional baseball career, one thing I know for sure is he could not have played for the Yankees.  In fact, there are five major league baseball teams he could not play for.

    In addition to the Yankees, Donald Trump could never play for the Cubs, Tigers, White Sox or  Reds either.


    These five teams don’t have players names on their uniforms.

    Why is that?

    These teams believe no single player is above the team.

    Our country too subscribes to this shared leadership model.  Inside a government of the people, elected by the people and for the people, no one elected official is above the entire government as a whole.  If anyone can’t meet that requirement, there are three branches of government they can never be apart of!

    Sometimes we need to be reminded.

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