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    • 11 April
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    Do You Love Yourself Like a Stalker Would?

    We’ve all seen those JLo movies (or some version there of). Woman/man meets amazing man/woman. Their time together is magical, the sex is seamless, it all seems so perfect and then… (cue sinister music) you know what’s coming. Suddenly things just get a bit too controlling, red flags start waving, one partner tries to pull away and gets the “I won’t be ignored! I love you!!”

    I find a lot of us “love” ourselves this way. We demand perfection, otherwise we just aren’t good enough. We never cut ourselves any slack. We are harsh because we feel it’s the only way to get anything done, damn it!

    Well just like JLo eventually goes for kickboxing lessons and takes the offense. I say there’s an easier way. There’s the NICE way.

    • Notice | Just notice how you talk to yourself around a certain subject that’s bothering you i.e… weight, finances, job, relationships, etc.
    • Imagine the end game| Now (without judgment) visualize what you want as an end result.
    • Create a plan that moves you toward your end result every business day, even if it’s only a few minutes a day.
    • Evaluate the plan for nastiness, harshness, unrealistic expectations. Ask someone you TRUST to review the plan for the same.

    Once you have your plan in place do the following:

    • Begin execution NOW | Don’t think just do. Make the execution something that you can’t argue with.
    • Institute praise EVERY day when you complete a task.
    • Coach yourself to do it the next day.
    • Evaluate again for effectiveness!

    So stop stalking and start being nice to yourself! I’m right behind you!

    Eva Lewandowski MBA, is a certified Life Coach, certified EFT Practitioner, seminar leader, speaker and co-host of a weekly internet radio show “Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva”. She is also a 30 year veteran of Corporate America as an IT consultant. Using the skills she learned in acting classes, life coaching and EFT certification training as well as her struggle with debilitating stage fright, she created, Stand Up and Be Heard!, a program that teaches professionals how to overcome their fear of the spotlight. She is also the author of “Put on Your Phone Face: Tips and Techniques for teleconferences and conference calls”.

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