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    Are We Having Fun Yet?

    It’s almost the new year, are you having any fun lately? Everyone feels that the times have gotten more toxic. I’m not so sure. It’s just that now with everyone and their “ma” anonymously weighing in on Facebook, the news, Twitter, WordPress. We are just bombarded with the negativity that’s been around forever. A good percentage of what’s spoken and printed isn’t even factual.

    Toxic press, movies, opinions can lead to toxic thinking which leads to fear and worry. I grew up with worry, I know worry, I have felt guilty for NOT worrying. Worry brings me no joy. It makes me scared, cautious and on my guard. Not a lot of good can come from that kind of attitude.

    So what’s a person to do? Being out of work or being miserable in your job or relationship is no fun. Seeing all the horror in the world can make you spiral out of control. And just chanting positive affirmations is not helpful when you’re not feeling the love.

    I’ve been studying spirituality and human behavior officially since the mid 90’s and unofficially for most of my life. And I’ve seen many teachers really change over the years. Their messages were always good but as they got more experienced the message distilled into simpler, easier life strategies that many dismiss as New Age fluff, old hippy wisdom or psycho-babble. I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s deeper than that. It seems to be the truth. Those that dismiss these strategies feel that you either keep your nose to the grindstone and one day you’ll be free to retire (or wake up with no nose). Or we’re all just doomed to keep slogging away because it’s not what you know but who you know and life is supposed to be hard.

    Consciousness is shifting, like or not. The old ways of doing business, working and living are changing. You don’t have to be born of hippies to know it’s not just coming but here.

    In order to combat toxicity in the world, one strategy is to look at the energy we are bringing to it. How do we react when something goes wrong? I notice that a lot of articles are written around how to combat the negative people in our life, survive energy vampires, etc. But rarely do they seem to address what to do when those negative people are us. There is dark and light in all of us. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to watch the energy we bring into the day and community with us.

    We have the power to change the vibration in a room, on a call, in the world. It’s like the Wella Balsam commercial from the 70’s “I told two friends, and they told two friends and so on and so on”. Our energy resonates. Being nasty on the road because someone cut us off or isn’t moving quickly enough is toxic, being a jerk at work because we can, is toxic, not listening to someone because we have other stuff to do, is toxic. The energy we bring to the world tends to come back to us. It’s the Law of Attraction at its simplest. If we want nice co-workers – be nice, if I want a loving relationship – be loving, if I want abundance, I can’t be envious of those that have it, if I want to know the truth, I can’t lie. The concept is simple the implementation isn’t always so.

    This doesn’t mean we tolerate abuse. It starts by looking at the people and events that trigger us. We change the world through our example, not through our indignity or annoyance. It’s time to “be the change we want to see in the world.” Matching someone’s toxic behavior doesn’t make them less toxic, it makes us more toxic. Standing our ground without matching their energy will benefit us in the long run.

    I was listening to Wayne Dyer the other day and he gave a great analogy. When you squeeze an orange, no matter how hard you squeeze, only orange juice comes out. When you get squeezed, what’s in you that comes out. Is it toxic or is it love? Being authentically nice when times are good is fairly easy. Being authentically loving when times are tough takes practice and knowing what triggers you.

    As we enter 2013, I invite you (and me) to start to look at the energy we bring to our lives and the people around us. If necessary, make a shift. It can be as simple as just changing a negative thought to a more positive one (it takes practice). Or observe the people that bring a positive energy, how do they react when faced with a toxic situation? Having a less toxic world starts with each of us.

    I really would like your opinion, either negative or positive, all will be printed. Here’s to a Happy and more Peaceful New Year! Eva

    Eva Lewandowski MBA, is a certified Life Coach, certified EFT Practitioner, seminar leader, speaker and co-host of a weekly internet radio show “Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva”. She is also a 30 year veteran of Corporate America as an IT consultant. Using the skills she learned in acting classes, life coaching and EFT certification training as well as her struggle with debilitating stage fright, she created, Stand Up and Be Heard!, a program that teaches professionals how to overcome their fear of the spotlight. She is also the author of “Put on Your Phone Face: Tips and Techniques for teleconferences and conference calls”.

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