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    ADHD and the ADDERALL dilemma

    There are so many children and adults taking Adderall as treatment for their ADHD. If this is true in your world, read this slowly.  This is not anything bad or whistleblowing but something to be aware of.  Often, we take what’s prescribed even if for life without understanding the effects it may have on our bodies, especially in the long term, especially with children.

    I’m 64 years old and diagnosed ADHD.  I’ve been prescribed Adderall for the last 2 years.  Back in high school we used to say speed kills but what a way to go!  Adderall is speed.  Adderall blows!

    Adderall helps me focus.  If I had to guess it’s because it speeds up my body to catch up with my brain.  In the beginning there was a difference, I was able to sit at my computer and well… focus!

    Two years deep, the ability to “focus” might not be worth it!

    1. There’s a huge impact on the body:
      1. I sleep very light and very little.
      2. I eat very light and very little.
      3. I exercise very hard and very often.
    2. The cost of the drug is very high. My dosage is 30mg. per day.  That comes to $185 every month for the generic with GoodRx.   For non-generic “Adderall” you’re talking 2x that!
    3. Adderall is not covered by insurance! This type of drug is NOT covered by insurance.
    4. In order to keep getting the prescription filled, I have to visit the doctor and pick up the prescription every month. I have to hand deliver the prescription to the pharmacy.  The pharmacy will only fill it if it’s 30 days since the last re-fill.
    5. In order to keep getting the prescription from the doctor every month, I have to pay for an official doctor visit every 3 months.
    6. Two years deep, I’ve become addicted to Adderall.
    7. Back in high school I’d be called a speed freak!

    I stopped cold turkey.  For two weeks the withdrawals were horrible; I was like a ticking time bomb, constant restless legs, skin crawling, confusion, anger, panic and I was eating everything in sight.

    I’m ok now, the withdrawals have stopped!

    •  I’ve never enjoyed sleeping this much in my life! 
    • I can live with focus struggle and limited filter ability when speaking.
    • When you combine the doctor visits and the pharmacy costs, I’m saving about $3K per year!
    • My untreated ADHD provides enough energy for me to continue to work out hard and often.

    So, here’s the deal;

    1. The ADHD diagnosers don’t communicate with the doctors.
    2. The doctors don’t really care because they’re writing prescriptions plus getting at least 4 yearly visits for just being a pass thru to write the prescription.
    3. The pharmacy is cool as long as all the I’s are dotted, and the T’s are crossed.
    4. The insurer simply wants no part of any of this.

    Meanwhile my body is being hammered!  My life expectancy is being expedited!  Speed does that!

    Think about all of this if someone in your world is taking this type of medication (for life) as treatment for their ADHD.  There are alternatives for sure but let’s save that for another post.


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